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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  October 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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warm and dry temperatures combined with wind today means firefighters are going to be busy battling wildfires. evacuations are underway in the wake of a fast moving wildfire
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county. the fire is 11,000 acres, has been dubbed junkins fire. flames have crossed highway 165. the fire is expected to cross 96 according to the custer county office of emergency management. residents along colorado 165 are being told to evacuate. an evacuation center has been set up at the valley bible fellowship in west cliff. red cross says a center is open in middle. preevacuation is in place for north creek from the pueblo county line. c dot says the fire has closed colorado 96 in between wet more and west life. also closed at mcenzie junction. this is detailed on our website. in eagle county the free man fire has burned about 300 acres since saturday. no buildings are threatened and no one is hurt but the wind could be causing problems
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talking 20% humidity and gusts up to 45 miles an hour. it's not a good combination. let's talk to meteorologist becky ditchfield about this. it's scary when you think about that. a red flag warning in colorado. >> the danger will last all day today. it's coming along a cold front which typically you would think might spark showers. well it is. it just is not going to in the areas where we are so, so dry. let's take flag warning. that's in hot pink for denver, fort collins, greeley, our eastern plains, into parts of custer county. it goes until 9:00 tonight. gusts within the entire area are possible up to 55 miles per hour although the closer you get to denver, we will see gusts to 40 or 45 miles per hour. the lighter pink color on your screen is a high wind warning
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that is in effect until 4:00 today. gusts to 80 miles per hour will be possible along continental divide into parts of the wet mountains. gusts now are certainly up there at about 43 in broomfield, 44 miles per hour around fort collins, nedder land seeing 45 miles per hour. we are expecting to see winds kick up in the denver metro area. a little bit of rain might fall but that's mainly if our northern mountains and foothills. you see the cloudy picture over fort collins. showers are coming down very lightly. we've got more wind than rain currently across colorado. temperatures will be warming up to the 70s today. it is 79 in broomfield, denver is at 66, d.i.a. is at 75. wind is having an effect on the temperature out there. we'll have details on your full forecast and tell you when the wind will die down.
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it was a case that rattled a small town southwest of boulder but police think they've solved it. they've made an arrest of the man they say left the bomb outside the nederland police station last week. last tuesday detectives found a backpack and brought it in thinking it was lost property. it turned out to be an explosive that failed to detonate. it has begun, long awaited fight to take back mosul from isis. forces are backing iraqi government and troops. this is expected to be the toughest military operation since american troops left iraq five years ago. >> reporter: the biggest offensive against isis anywhere so far has begun. this morning, iraqi forces backed by american air power
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it seems like every iraqi in uniform and every vehicle is being brought into this operation and so far this stage, moving armer to the front line, it moving quickly. american commanders say it could slow down considerably if and when they meet resistance. heading into battle but their mood is upbeat as the attack convoy stopped briefly, some troops started dancing. they're reception from iraqi civilians. many villages came to welcome the troops as they advanced to mosul where more than 1 million people are pinned in by isil as human fields. then an ominous sign, huge plumes of black smoke shut out
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wells. many iraqis want revenge for over two years of isis abuses. "we will be victorious in mosul god willing" a soldier said. it is unclear how long the mosul offensive will take. days or perhaps months. it depends on what isis has in store for the troops. iraq's prime minister who announced the start of the operation says it has one goal, to liberate mosul from isis and god willing win. back to you. on to the presidential race. embattled and crying to come up in polls trump is lobbing his sharpest attacks yet. >> the election is being rigged by corrupt media pushing completely false allegations and out right lies in an effort to elect her president. >> he is swinging at every phantom of his own imagination
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>> donald trump criticized paul ryan in a series of tweets. ryan says he is confident the election will carry out with integrity. in colorado today, bernie sanders will make two stops on clinton's behalf. the first will be at csu. later at 5:00 sanders is expected to speak at cu boulder. donald trump junior will be campaigning for his dad in colorado. he will be the featured speaker at a public event with the nra. trump senior will visit colorado springs and grand junction tomorrow. right now on our website, we are streaming this, a forum with u.s. senate candidates in
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up next republican challenger darrell glenn. you can watch it live. this is a quick dip in to the coverage. if you want to see the whole thing, go to by the end of the week, you should have a ballot in your hand. 3.1 million ballots and counting are being mailed out. the process started at 8:00 this morning. >> reporter: i am facility in denver where there are palates of ballots behind me. millions will be mailed out from this facility starting today. the process started earlier this morning. it will continue throughout the week. david with the post office in colorado joins us. thanks for giving this access. it is cool to see how many millions of ballots you have right now. this is what people will be seeing throughout the week at the post office.
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started for our first batch of ballots. that palate there holds about 35,000 ballots. we will have more than 2 million through this facility alone, 3.1 million across the state. you should start seeing those in your mailboxes. >> this is a very secure process and you have worked with 64 different counties to make this happen. >> right. it's a process, a year long process to make sure that the ballots addressed correctly and there is enough postage and all the instructions are good so everything is seamless and smooth. you good et your ballots in the mail in colorado. that's something that's very different, and we are very happy to be part of the process and part of the election. >> thank you so much for this access. it is pretty cool for you to see at the general mail facility in denver with palates of ballots, millions behind me.
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is asking you to vote this year in honor of a veteran. you can sign up for the program online and in return you will receive a personalized button with the name of a service member. >> it's like the i voted sticker department you are voting in honor of them. >> colorado is one of 15 states that has a program like this. do you have a tattoo? you may want to keep it under wraps at work. >> red flag warnings amid dry conditions and high winds. becky ditchfield will tell us how long the conditions will last and what to expect in the
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winds are starting to pick up a little in downtown denver. we are going to see a gusty afternoon and evening. because of the low relative humidity combined with very gusty winds, fire danger is high. let's take a live look outside. this is downtown denver at 9 news. you see the flags whipping a bit in the winds. they're right now it is 735 at d.i -- 75 at d.i.a., 50s and 60s in the mountains. outside 9 news, mostly sunny skies with a little bit of a breeze. those temperatures are at 63. let's look at the winds. wind gusts right now are up to 44 miles per hour in fort collins, 22-mile per hour gust at d.i.a., 49-mile per hour
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flag warning. that's the hot pink on your screen. it goes until 9:00. 55-mile per hour gusts within the region and relative humidity down between 5 and 15% means high fire danger. this is not going to be helpful for folks that already are seeing wildfires around custer county and eagle county. further to the west we've got high wind warnings and wind advisories through 4:00 p.m., gusts to 90 miles per hour possible in these areas all afternoon. then winds will start to die down. the winds are coming along and ahead and a little bit behind a cold front scheduled to push through this afternoon. it will result in slightly cooler temperatures for us tomorrow. once it is far enough to our southeast we are going to see winds die down. it's going to spark a couple showers just off to our north and west over our northern mountains. gusts through 6:00 p.m. are expected to be high throughout the mountain areas
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down into southern colorado. give it until after 11:00 p.m. to see gusts significantly die down across the state. there you see some of the showers in our northern mountains, part of a bigger cluster that extends to the dakotas and montana. a lot of wind reports are starting to come in south of some of the rain and snow. they're around 89 miles per hour through pike's peak with gusts at 62 miles per hour in colorado city. rain showers will quickly die out. thdo we have a dry day in store for us this afternoon, 78 degrees, 75 greeley, 73 fort collins with 80s and 90s in the eastern plains. winds will be out of the west to the north. into this afternoon it will be gusty. winds die down tonight and we
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about 1/3 of teens are getting behind the wheel while drowsy. according to a study by liberty mutual 32% of teens say they sometimes struggle to stay awake while driving. almost one in ten have dozed off. that's a scary thought.
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help teens manage their busy schedules. they can also remind teens to ask for a ride if they're too tired to drive. streets can be a mean place but they can be even meaner to women. a new shelter is opening next year providing 150 beds to homeless women in northeast dinner. they'll have access to emergency and extended shelter. samaritan's house shelter will be near monaco parkway and smith road. >> there is a heart breaking crisis on the streets of denver, single women experiencing homelessness, alone and vulnerable. we are dedicating this facility to serve them. >> they're the most vulnerable on our streets. this is important that we do what we can to care for them and provide shelter for them. >> this comes at a cost of $5 million. the city of denver provided 1
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elderly homeless in denver. technology giving kids who are chronically ill the chance to be in class virtually. 8 year old abby is one of these kids. she lives in florida and suffers from a rare genetic disorder that causes severe allergic reactions. she can't go to school physically but that doesn't stop her from attending every day. a robot allows her to be virtually in class with her peers. >> participating in my class. i have made one friend so far. i don't know her name. but she's very nice. >> abigail's elementary school has purchased six of the robots. they cost about $6000 each. but it is well worth it for kids like abigail. we have heard the new stats, unemployment rate going down. well, for many people that does
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you can call it the side hustle struggle, people juggling two or three jobs at a time. it seems leak a popular option but it is not easy. the number of people are multiple jobs has hit an eight year high. there are 7.8 million people with a side hustle. that's up 300,000 more than last month. that's according to the bureau of labor statistics. this is as the economy puts a premium on freelance work and short term projects. are doing several jobs. many of you reacted to this story on facebook. we wanted to know if you are juggling jobs. stephanie talks about having two jobs for several years trying to balance it. nicholas talks about doing photography on his days off, even detailing cars and repairing computers. jodi works seven days a week at two full time jobs still living
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in the hours. are you juggling several jobs? go to our facebook page to tell us about it. we want to know how you do it and how you are managing. do you have a tattoo? you might want to keep it covered at work. that's a warning from financial times. the newspaper says 32% of 18 to 44 year olds in u.s. have at least one tattoo somewhere. financial times says visit tats don't always go over office. the survey reveals human resources managers are less likely to hire someone with visible tattoos. in case you are wondering, the times says companies are legally allowed to exclude job candidates because of tattoos. in case you didn't know that, they can make that judgment.
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are you thinking about going out for lunch or maybe
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usa today crunched numbers and according to yelp the top restaurant is jp nori sushi and asian's cuisine in littleton. we have it with a list of reviews people wrote. apparently it is really good and i was thinking with sushi so big, there is sushi den on pearl street in denver that's always packed but this place other place. >> we'll have to try it. >> you always question with yelp like who is really posting it? if it's that good, it's got to be the real thing. >> and with so many. >> that's true. i can name a few that are pretty good. today if people go outside it's going to be warm weather but kind of windy. >> really windy. gusts today are up to 40 miles
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further south, those gusts increase to 50 or 55 miles per hour. red flag warnings are in effect until 9:00 tonight. tonight winds die down. we cool off to the 50s and 60s and we might get rain wednesday. >> thank you. thanks for spending part of your day with us.
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jarod: i'm jarod miller. all my life, i've been exploring the animal kingdom. sometimes it's tense, sometimes funny, but always amazing. now i want you to join me, because when it comes to jump right in. [laughs]. [monkey screeching]. some people say that hollywood is for the birds, and today we're going to prove them right. i'm going to introduce you to an amazing array of performers that are also our avian friends. wendy: now, i want you to blow your bubbles.


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